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Powdered antifreeze with chlorides for the preparation of cementitious mortars during the winter period

it is used for

  • making cementitious mortars at temperatures below +5 °C.

IGLOO is a powdered antifreeze used for the preparation of cementitious mortars during the winter period. IGLOO achieves the following results: a considerable increase, even at low temperatures, in the initial mechanical resistance of 24 hours with respect to mixtures without additives; elimination of the dangers deriving from frost in the use of mortars even at low temperatures; no reduction in the final mechanical resistance, if added in the recommended doses.

important warnings

  • Observe the recommended dosages.
  • Store the cement, before use, in a place with a temperature of at least +5 °C; the other components of the mix must have a temperature of at least +2 °C at the time of mixing.
  • Do not use slow-setting and slow hardening cements; if possible, use a CEM I 42.5R cement with a dosage of at least 300 kg/m3.
  • If possible, use the product in the morning so that any increase in temperature in the following hours can help hardening the cement mixture.
  • The water/cement ratio should be as low as possible.
  • Protect the casting so as to retain the heat of hydration within the mass.
PackagePallet Kg
WhiteBox (25 bags PVC of 1 kg)1000


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