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Latex for cementitious mortars and adhesion grouts

it is used for

  • Concrete casting
  • Adhesion grouts
  • Renovation of concrete elements


SEYGUM is a white latex, that can be added to pre-mixed and premeasured mortars and traditional mortars prepared on site, to improve their adhesion, flexibility and water resistance.


  • Do not use pure SEYGUM as a primer or adhesion bridge: always mix it with Portland cement or STRATOSEY.
  • In case of wind or high temperatures, protect the surfaces after application.
  • If the mixtures with SEYGUM are carried out in a concrete mixer, do not mix for more than 4 minutes to avoid excessive incorporation of air.
  • Does not withstand freezing: transport and store the product at temperatures of not less than +5 °C.
PackagePallet Kg
Pail 5 kg250
Pail 10 kg500
Pail 25 kg600
Box of 25 bottles from 1 kg-


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