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Chloride-free powder antifreeze for mortars and concretes for plastering and casting concrete at temperatures between -15 °C and +5 °C

it is used for

  • Plastering and casting concrete at temperatures below +5 °C


THERMIK is a powdered antifreeze additive that, when added to the mix, favours the hydration reactions of the cement without affecting its characteristics. It does not contain chlorides, therefore it is indicated for applications in which a metal reinforcement must be inserted. THERMIK allows the following improvements to be obtained compared to a mortar without additives: increase in mechanical strength at 24 hours, even at low temperatures; faster form dismantling; elimination of the dangers deriving from frost in concrete. Respecting the recommended doses, there is no reduction in the final mechanical resistance.

THERMIK is a powdered antifreeze to be used:

  • for the preparation of cementitious mortars during the winter period;
  • for carrying out concrete castings, also reinforced, with temperatures down to -15 °C.

important warnings

  • Observe the recommended dosages.
  • Store the cement, before use, in a place with a temperature of at least +5 °C; the other components of the mix must have a temperature of at least +2 °C at the time of mixing.
  • Do not use slow-setting and slow-hardening cements: if possible, use a CEM I 42.5R cement with a dosage of at least 300 kg/m3.
  • If possible, use the product in the morning so that any increase in temperature in the following hours can reduce the curing time.
  • The water/cement ratio should be as low as possible.
  • Protect the casting so as to retain the heat of hydration within the mass.
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WhiteBox (30 bags PVC of 1 kg)1080


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