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Ready-mixed dry cementitious mortar for building and plastering indoor and outdoor walls

it is used for

  • Masonry building
  • Plastering on horizontal and vertical surfaces


DERBYMALT complies with the requirements of the UNI EN 998-1/EN 998-2 standards.

DERBYMALT is used as bedding mortar for the construction of non-load-bearing masonry in solid or perforated bricks, concrete blocks or natural stones, as plaster on horizontal or vertical surfaces of new or old construction. It can also be used for repairs to deteriorated or missing parts of masonry work, fillings, grout and other maintenance work.

important warnings

  • Strictly follow the indicated water dosage.
  • Do not add aggregates or binders (lime, cement, plaster, etc.) to the product.
  • Do not add any additives (setting accelerators, thinners, etc.) to the product.
  • Protect all coverings from washout, frost or beating sun for at least 48 hours after application.
  • Do not use on substrates subject to movement or vibration.
  • Do not use on substrates with rising damp or pushing dampness.
  • Wait until DERBYMALT is completely dry before coating it.
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