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Waterproofing and breathable osmotic mortar for the renovation of walls subject to pushing dampness to waterproof channels, tanks and cisterns suitable for containing drinking water

it is used for waterproofing

  • Internal walls of basements or elevator shafts
  • Concrete tanks, cisterns, channels, pipes

sEYWSTOP complies with the requirements of the UNI EN 998-1 standard.

Mixed with the correct amount of water, it gives rise to a mortar that is easy to apply. Once hardened, SEYWSTOP achieves good mechanical strength and is resistant to washout and frost. It is used as renovating mortar on vertical plasters of new or old construction where there is pushing dampness, which is typically found in masonry against the ground (e.g. inside walls of basements or lift shafts). It is also used as waterproofing mortar for tanks, cisterns and concrete pipes containing drinking water or irrigation channels. Only to be used for rigid waterproofing. For this reason, it cannot be used for substrates subject to traffic or vibrations.

important warnings

The consumption of SEYWSTOP is 1.6 kg/m2 per mm.
The thickness used is as follows:

  • For minor seepage: 2 mm (3.2 kg/m2)
  • For tanks or structures with continuous presence of water: 3 mm (4.8 kg/m2)
  • For pressurized water (max 1 atm): 4 mm (6.4 kg/m2).


PackagePallet Kg
GreyBag kg 251500


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