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Mortar based on anti-shrinkage hydraulic binders for quick fixings of all kinds

it is used for

  • Quick fixings
  • Renovation of missing parts of masonry work
  • Sealing wells, concrete pipes, etc.


SEYSPRINT is an easy to use mortar with very quick setting (from 2 to 5 minutes at +20 °C). It is particularly suitable for all jobs that require speed of execution. When the setting is complete, SEYSPRINT reaches very high mechanical strengths. It is used to perform rapid fixings of all kinds on horizontal and vertical surfaces in concrete and masonry, such as: setting clamps, frames, safes into walls, restoring missing parts of masonry, building edges, fixing boxes, cable guide sheaths, pipes, sealing wells, concrete pipes, etc..

important warnings

  • No special measures are required at temperatures of approx. +20 °C.
  • At temperatures higher than +30 °C, do not expose the material to the sun and use cold water to prepare the mix.
  • At temperatures below +10 °C it is advisable to use water at approx. +20 °C and to store the material in heated rooms as the setting and curing times are delayed.
  • Where there is beating sun or wind, keep the surface moist for one hour after application.
  • Strictly follow the indicated water dosage.
  • Do not add aggregates or binders (lime, cement, plaster, etc.) or additives (setting accelerators, thinners, etc.) to the product.
  • Do not use on substrates subject to movement or vibration.
  • Wait for the product to harden completely before coating it.
PackagePallet Kg
GreyBag kg 251500
GreyCardboard pallet (100 bags PVC of 5 kg)500
GreyCardboard pallet (50 bags PVC of 5 kg)250
GreyBox (5 bags PVC of 5 kg)-


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