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Dry pre-mixed gypsum-based skimming plaster for grouting and levelling indoor walls and ceilings

it is used for

  • Sealing plaster cracks
  • Skimming or levelling walls and ceilings
  • Skimming plastering in plaster or cement


SEYSTUCK is used as a grout for repairing cracks in plaster or as a skimming coat for levelling walls and ceilings on plaster or cement plastering. It is suitable for fixing rosettes and ornamental stuccoes. Must be only used indoors.

important warnings

  • Strictly follow the indicated water dosage.
  • Do not add aggregates or binders (lime, cement, plaster, etc.) to the product.
  • Do not add any additives (setting accelerators, thinners, etc.) to the product.
  • The product must not be applied to surfaces subject to movement or vibration.
  • The product must not be tempered again by adding water to the mixture during setting.
  • Do not wet the substrates before application.
  • The product must not be applied on damp substrates or substrates subject to rising damp or pushing dampness.


PackagePallet Kg
WhiteBag 20 kg1200
WhiteCardboard pallet (50 bags PVC of 5 kg)250
WhiteBox (5 bags PVC of 5 kg)-
WhiteBox (30 bags PVC of 1 kg)-


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