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Water-dispersionrimer for gypsum and similsr surfaces before application of cement-based adhesives

to improve the adhesion

  • of mortars, adhesives and paints on:
  • Plaster or anhydrite substrates
  • Cementitious substrates


SEYPRIMER AC is a ready-to-use liquid; after application it dries and forms a thin elastic layer that has a slight consolidating action. It also improves the adhesion of mortars, skim plasters, cement adhesives and paints to the substrates on which it is applied.

The product has the following functions:

·        On gypsum surfaces it prevents the chemical reaction between gypsum sulphates and cement aluminates which, where there is moisture, produce ettringite, a salt that causes the separation between the two binders.

·        When applying sprayable plasters, SEYPRIMER AC prevents the substrate from absorbing water too quickly, extends the working time and limits the formation of cracks.

·        When laying self-levelling and smoothing compounds, it reduces the formation of bubbles, slows down the drying time and favours the spreading of the material.

·        When laying tiles, it limits the water retention of absorbent substrates (such as screeds or plasters).

·        When applying paints, it evens out the absorption and improves the adhesion of the paint to the substrate.

important warnings

  • Do not apply the product on substrates subject to rising damp or pushing dampness.
  • Do not dilute the product with solvents.
  • Apply the product at temperatures between +5 °C and +35 °C.
  • Do not use the product for applications not mentioned in this sheet.
  • Do not store the product under beating sun or in very hot environments.
  • The equipment used can be cleaned with water immediately after use, when the product is still fresh.
  • Does not withstand freezing: transport and store the product at temperatures of not less than +5 °C.
  • If ceramic tiles are to be laid on the product, please refer to UNI 11493, paragraph 5.2 in particular.
PackagePallet Kg
Pail 5 kg250
Pail 10 kg500
Pail 25 kg600


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