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Two-component reactive adhesive for ceramic tiles and stone materials

it is used for laying and waterproofing

  • Floors and walls
  • Single fired, double fired, porcelain stoneware and clinker
  • Mosaic and stone materials
  • Natural stones also unstable to humidity
  • On existing floors and heated floors
  • On metal, wood and linoleum
  • On PVC and reinforced polyester floors
  • On fibre cement, gypsum, plasterboard and concrete


SEYBILASTIK complies with the requirements of the UNI EN 12004 standard.

SEYBILASTIK is suitable for the simultaneous laying and waterproofing of all types of ceramic tiles, mosaics and stone materials, even those that are unstable to humidity, indoors and outdoors, such as slates, pietra serena, green marble, etc., on floors and walls.

important warnings

  • Do not add aggregates, binders (lime, cement, plaster, etc.) or water to the product.
  • Do not apply the product on damp surfaces or surfaces subject to rising damp or pushing dampness.
  • Do not use the product for applications not indicated on this data sheet.
  • The life time of the mix depends significantly on the ambient temperature.
  • For a correct use of the product, consult in advance the UNI 11493 standard.
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