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Premixed skimming plaster with high photocatalytic activity for skimming cement, lime or gypsum-based plasters and obtaining an active finish against harmful substances in the atmosphere

it is used for

  • Reducing air pollution outdoors and as an antibacterial action indoors and in public places such as schools, hospitals, etc.


OXYGEN+ is a white or grey photocatalytic cement-based powder containing the TX ACTIVE ingredient, which significantly reduces air pollution in cities and industrial environments, helping to improve air quality and keep the surface of building structures clean. This is due to photocatalysis, a natural phenomenon in which a substance called a photocatalyst changes the speed of a chemical reaction through the action of light. By using light energy, photocatalysts induce the formation of reagents that are able to decompose harmful substances in the atmosphere. Photocatalysis is simply an acceleration of the oxidation processes that already exist in nature, thus favouring the quickest decomposition of the pollutants that are in the environment, avoiding their accumulation. Therefore OXYGEN+ is to be considered as the first active remedy against air pollution in cities. OXYGEN+ is suitable for the surface finishing of new or old masonry both indoors and outdoors. It can be used on substrates such as cementitious plasters or plasters based on lime and cement or gypsum prepared on site or pre-mixed. It must not be used on wooden or iron substrates, on substrates treated with paints or with plastic coatings.

important warnings

  • Do not apply the product in case of imminent rain, beating sun or strong wind, protect OXYGEN+ finished surfaces from rainwater for at least 24 hours, do not add lime, cement or other inert materials to the product, do not coat the product once applied with other coatings in order not to lose its photocatalytic properties.
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GreyBag kg 251500
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