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Acid-based detergent

it is used for cleaning

  • Floors and walls
  • Single and double fired tiles
  • Porcelain stoneware
  • Corner bricks

SEYLUX is an acid cleaner particularly suitable for cleaning indoor and outdoor surfaces, both on the floor and on the wall, from stains or residues in cement, lime, cement adhesives, joints, including coloured joints, limestone efflorescence and saltpetre. SEYLUX is also suitable for cleaning rust stains on tiles.

SEYLUX is produced in the form of:

  •  Ready liquid in aqueous solution, for normal cases;
  • Powder to be diluted at will with water, to remove the most difficult stains.


  • Do not add other products to SEYLUX.
  • Do not use SEYLUX to clean marble, limestone or cement tiles.
  • Do not use SEYLUX on ceramics treated with acid-resistant enamel.
  • Wear gloves and glasses before applying SEYLUX.
PackagePallet Kg
LiquidPail 5 kg250
LiquidPail 10 kg500
LiquidPail 25 kg600
LiquidBox of 25 1 kg bottles350
PowderBucket 5 kg250
PowderBox of 20 buckets 1 kg each300



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