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Elasticizing latex for class C1 cementitious adhesives for laying all types of ceramics in swimming pools, facades, on heated screeds and in rooms subject to heavy loads

it is used for laying

  • Single fired, double fired, clinker, stoneware and glass mosaic tiles
  • Coatings
  • On façades
  • In swimming pools and on heated screeds
  • Large formats also with low thicknes


SEYLATEX complies with the requirements of the UNI EN 12004 standard.

SEYLATEX is a latex in water dispersion to be mixed with cement adhesives such as TITANO, SEYFIX, SEYKOL to improve adhesion, flexibility, water resistance and final performance. With SEYLATEX, all types of ceramic tiles and natural stone are elastically bonded inside and outside. The use of latex does not change the application modes. With SEYLATEX used as a partial substitute for mixing water (50%),an adhesive is obtained that meets the requirements of class C2E-S1 (deformable adhesive with improved performance) according to EN 12004. With SEYLATEX used as a total substitute for mixing water (100%),an adhesive is obtained that meets the requirements of class C2E-S2 (highly deformable, improved performance adhesive) according to EN 12004.



  • Do not add aggregates, binders (lime, cement, plaster, etc.) or water to the product.
  • Do not apply the product to surfaces subject to high rising damp or pushing dampness.
  • The life time of the mix greatly depends on the ambient temperature.
  • Laying on heated screeds must be carried out after the preheating cycle.
  • The product does not withstand freezing: make sure that transport and storage always take place at a temperature of not less than +5 °C.
  • Avoid storing the product under beating sun or in very hot environments.
  • Set the tiles laid under normal environmental conditions within 4-5 minutes of laying.
  • Do not use the product for applications not indicated on this data sheet.
  • For a correct use of the product, consult in advance the UNI 11493 standard.
PackagePallet Kg
Pail 10 kg500
Pail 25 kg600


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