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Thixotropic cementitious mortar for bonding and skimming thermal insulation panels for external insulation systems

it is used to insulate

  • Roofs in the under tile area
  • Attic room floors
  • Internal walls of above-ground rooms
  • Internal sides of retaining walls in cellars
  • Internal side of attic roofs
  • External walls of ventilated facades


TERMOSEY complies with the requirements of the UNI EN 998-1 standard.
Mixed with the correct quantity of water, it gives rise to a mixture with high adhesion and excellent workability. TERMOSEY is used for bonding polystyrene panels to walls or ceilings, inside or outside. TERMOSEY is also used for skimming these thermal insulation panels with an interposed glass fibre reinforcement mesh on the internal and external walls. The system described is called external insulation and is generally used to insulate the external side of the above-ground walls of buildings. With TERMOSEY you can use the glass fibre mesh for SEYNET PLUS insulation.

important warnings

  • Do not use for bonding insulating panels to wood or metal or to substrates subject to movements or vibrations.
  • For use on degraded or inconsistent substrates, additional mechanical fixing is essential.
  • Do not use TERMOSEY on panels with a smooth surface that does not allow adequate adhesion, such as polyurethane foam and mineral fibres with surfaces covered with kraft paper, glass veil, extruded polystyrene with leather, high density moulded polystyrene foam, etc. If you have any doubts about the suitability of the insulating panels, please contact the technical service.
  • Plaster substrates must be previously treated with SEYPRIMER AC.
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