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Professional cementitious adhesive for very quick laying of all types of ceramics and stone materials

it is used for the laying of

  • Single and double fired, clinker, mosaic and natural stones
  • Laying of floors and walls
  • Laying on heated screeds and existing floors


MONOSEY complies with the requirements of the UNI EN 12004 standard.

MONOSEY, mixed with the correct amount of water, gives rise to a mixture with high adhesion strength only 3 hours after laying. It is especially recommended where operability is required in a very short time or places with a lot of traffic, industrial plants, heating floors, cold rooms, etc..) even overlaying on old floors.

important warnings

  • The left open time of the adhesive under normal environmental conditions is about 20 minutes. In the case of particularly absorbent screeds, beating sun, wind, high temperatures, this time can also be reduced to a few minutes.
  • The laid coverings must be protected against washout or rain for at least 4 hours and against frost or driving sun for at least one day after laying.
  • For a correct use of the product, consult in advance the UNI 11493 standard.
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